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How Kirana stores are driving the cashless revolution in INDIA

How Kirana stores are driving the cashless revolution in INDIA

The value of Digital Transactions is touching new highs during the lockdown phase, consumers of the standout Kirana stores no matter the size of the store are preferring paying their bills digitally. 


UPI payments, Google Pay, Phonepe, or Paytm ideologies are consistently working and assisting producers as well as consumer sectors.

The effective benefit is that there's no funda of returning back the change, hence individuals are feeling it convenient.

According to the survey, 15 million Kirana stores are regularly exchanging goods and payments without considering Digital tools, but thanks to COVID-19 it has forced everyone to do so.

Cashless society: A journey for better India

With every passage of time, the whole world is facing somewhat of issues, yet the country's technology has started to make a difference in many ways, after the demonetization period, Prime Minister keenly focused on going Digital. Well...the pandemic has allowed us to fulfill the dream of becoming smart.

Buying online groceries assists in reducing carbon footprints, that's the reason entrepreneurs are insisting and concluding the fact that this is the time to go green with an online grocery store

Yes... There's a parallel relationship between shopping online and contributing to an eco-friendly movement. 

We can surely suggest you if you prefer to opt for a grocery store sales app, then you cut down 50% of CO2 emissions.

Let's go to depth!

Reasons for going with Green online Kirana Stores in Delhi

  1. Less use of plastic packaging materials

Qualitative things come in eco-friendly packaging. 

Using reusable totes could be returned on the next purchase, this initiative doesn't only reduce cardboard or plastic bags but also minimizes the waste to a great extent.

The organic food system is beneficial for your family's health, as they're free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or any other synthetic fertilizers. Apart from it, another aspect is solid fertility continues to rotate. 

If you ever noticed while receiving the online order all the goods are packed in paper bags that could be reused and are beneficial for the environment.

  1. Less Air Pollution

Usually, we ask for friends or relatives to come along with us for shopping which costs the ecosystem unnecessarily, hence the main fact of going with a grocery sale app is it reduces the Pollution factor. 

Online grocery delivery cut down the carbon footprints 20% - 27% to individual trips, so think how much emissions are you generating!

However, as you know deliveries are done via bus, means at a particular point of time multiple orders are carried.

Now, the COVID-19 is an alarming call to boost the online purchasing capacity. Hence, Kirana stores in Noida are accessible for your concern!

  1. Fresh items and 0% - 1% shipping charges 

Kirana stores offer an opportunity to place your order online, do Digital payment, and enjoy the benefits of receiving free delivery charges items.

Wide variety and effective qualitative brand items are available which are fresh in nature at online stores in India, so what are you waiting for?

Why Online Grocery Business are using App-based Services

You must have food at your breakfast table, hence B2B and B2C online marketers are providing stand out methodologies to enjoy the services while sitting straight back at your home itself. Just you're asked to visit the website, observe the items, compare the ingredients and prices with Stand out brands, plus add preferred one to cart, finalize the products with family consultation, and place your order.

Let's understand how Mobile grocery store apps are resulting in ineffective

  1. Personalized offers

Almost every store has their stand out discount policies and schemes to stimulate the interest of existing and new audiences, well with the consumer point of view getting balanced offers monthly or at every purchase is beneficial, above it, during the lockdown phase if stores are providing offers with hygienic conditions then it equals to pizza with extra cheese.

Moreover, individuals will learn the habit of paying digitally to their Kirana stores.

  1. Convenience

Visiting outside is time-consuming as well as risky due to pandemic pressure, hence during unprecedented time Grocery stores sales app is an active alternative.

You don't require to stand in circles and wait for your turn to come, simply just open your app, choose the items, pay using multiple digital apps, and get your order received in fewer hours. 

Think, what's the better way to utilize your smartphone if you're not becoming smart?

  1. Order tracking

Being Digital has a plus point that you can trace your order, also can know priorly the name of the delivery boy to avoid risk.

Store apps offer the preferred time for you to select so that at the time of delivery you're present at your home. 

Online Grocery shops are becoming a one-stop destination in the coronavirus situation, as the maximum number of people are engaging in this methodology.

For the sake of society consumers and producers or Kirana stores are now accepting the Digital Payment initiative, as it's a win situation against COVID-19.


With the outbreak of the virus, we should prioritize what's most valuable to us!

Sanitization of products should be done regularly after receiving the delivery, also try to pay digital bills to avoid the interaction, maintain the social distancing, and try to wear gloves while holding the bag of items, these precautions are for your health and life.

We asked for certain protocols but implementation is your responsibility! 

Stay home, stay safe!

Thank you!