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How to start an online grocery store- The booming industry in the 21st century

How to start an online grocery store- The booming industry in the 21st century

Do you know why the e-commerce industry is booming? Well, it includes many factors such as speedy buying and selling options, 24/7 availability of products or services, more reach to customers, no operational cost, no physical shop is required, and many more. Under e-commerce, an industry came known as the food industry and this grocery is the most important raw material. As everyone knows 2020 is a pandemic year and food is the ultimate requirement of everyone. The market value of online groceries was about 100.7 billion Indian rupees. In this blog, we are going tell you “ How to start an online grocery store “

Things to consider for starting an online grocery store

Researched study on monetary requirements

Cash Flow is the first step for the online grocery store because good cash flow means good business. As you are going to build your business online so, of course it is going to be less expensive in comparison with a physical outlet so make sure that your funds are well distributed among the different roles in your e-grocery store.

Decide the area of service

First and most important step is that you should define your area of servicing as your online grocery store. The defined area where you are going to provide your services and people can access that too.

Choose an e-commerce platform

E-commerce is not a small word to go with it is an ultimate universe and choosing the right e-commerce platform for your store is vital as well as crucial according to the resources you are going to put in either in the form of monetary or manpower requirements.

Select and categorize the inventory

According to the availability of resources select the products in which you want to deal for example - fruits and vegetables, dairy products, edible oils, etc. and after selecting list or upload your products at your online grocery store.

Select the delivery system for your online grocery store

Timely delivery of your customers' products plays an important role in the branding of your e-grocery store. So, you should focus on the system and the network of your delivery personnels.

E-marketing of your online grocery store

This can be the best practice that you can opt. For the good sale of your e-products and you turn out to be a successful venture in the short run.

Social Networking

In today's era, everyone irrespective of age, gender and area are interacting on social media as a source of entertainment as well as a platform where customers can interact with their favourite brands directly. So, it is mandatory that you register your online grocery store on social media and consider it as an important element.

Easily accessible platform

Your e-store of groceries should be created in such a way that people can access it very easily and smoothly without any hindrance.

These are the basic steps that you should consider before establishing your e-grocery store. After the steps now let's discuss some legal parameters because it is mandatory to follow the norms as well for ease and welfare of both buyer and seller.

Documents required for obtaining trade license

  • Pan Card.
  • A bank statement of the establishment of the trade.
  • Certificate of establishment.
  • Premises proof in the form of either electricity bill, water bill or sale deed.
  • Colour photograph, ID proof and Address Proof of the owner/partners.
  • These are the basics and must have credentials for starting up an online store. These all are according to the government rules and regulations for any e-business.

    Let’s talk about the advantages that you can have if you yourself establish a grocery store.

    Sense of pride

    Firstly, that sense of being proud of yourself is incomparable and unmatchable. Everyone owed a dream of having their own brand and if you did so, feel proud on yourself.

    The owner

    Being an owner of a brand you have the accessibility to run and maintain your own made norms for your e-store.

    Monetary benefits

    You can make your own financial plan according to your prescribed commission, salary , incentives, etc. You have to decide the management chain you want to follow and have in your organization.

    Future asset

    If you are doing it as a source of passive or active income then you are on the right track because it is not a seasonal business , online grocery stores are never going to be out of demand and trend.

    Profitable niche

    Online grocery stores are a part of the e-commerce business which is never going to decline , it is growing and will boom in the near future. You should start planning it today.

    These are some advantages that you should consider and start your own online grocery store. So far we have discussed the steps of starting an e-grocery store, then we discuss the legal requirements for the same and we discussed the advantages of your e-store.

    Now, let's discuss how you can be different and give a strong competition to your competitors. There are many labels who are dealing in the online grocery store so it is important to have a uniqueness.

    Here we are sharing those points


    There are already well established brands in the market, so how will you create the reliability among your audience? By making trust as your biggest supporter, respond to your client base as soon as possible, solve their queries.


    Give your customers a wide variety of options in every category, so it just feels like a virtual general store.

    Ease in purchasing

    Give your customers an ease while they shop from your online store, so that they won't feel irritated.

    So, these are some factors that can make your store unique in the league.


    Online grocery stores are a niche in the trending e-commerce business which is going to be rapidly booming according to the re-searches. So, keeping all the points and factors in mind , start your online store today.