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Points to check while buying E-grocery

Points to check while buying E-grocery


‘WHAT WE EAT IS, WHAT WE CONSUME’. Healthy food is a means of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone loves to have an enriched food which is full of nutrients. In this pandemic situation everyone is following the social distancing strategy and because of that DO YOU KNOW? According to the survey, 59% of India’s population prefers to buy e-grocery.

This is a huge percentage of e-grocery buyers. Buying grocery online has many benefits like-

1. Social Distancing

For buying e-grocery, you don’t need to step out of your home. Hence, you can protect yourself from those fishy markets were buying good grocery is an ultimate challenge.

2. Time Saver

You all must wonder how it can be time-saving. Well, the solution is pretty simple because when you buy e-grocery you can find ample options for a single product but there is a feature called ‘FILTER’ from where you can filter out your product very quickly and easily based on your preferences. Hence, you can be more productive or a multitasker as well.

3. Wide Variety

Buying e-grocery is a fun element as well as you can find some new products as well. If you are a fruit lover like me than I am sure you will always go for e-grocery because you just have to search for your favorite fruit irrespective of any season type. So, bye-bye to the seasonal availability of fruits now, you can also eat whatever you feel like.

4. Deals And Discounts

Do you ever hear about grocery deals and discounts at your near grocery market? Well I know your answer it is a big ‘No’ but this is a very big advantage of buying e- grocery. It is always full of deals, coupons, hampers, and discounts where you can save your time and money both.

5. Less Physical Touch

Yes, less physical contact with your grocery. When you go to the verderers of the shopkeepers, multiple persons are roaming here and there for buying food, groceries and they use to pick and select the grocery, and if they don’t like it than they keep it down. So, can you imagine how many times your product has come into contact with others, NO, you cannot count? Here comes the crucial advantage of buying e-grocery that only delivery staff uses to touch your essentials and then it directly got delivered to you which is very much needed and important.

6. Customer Support

When you to the markets for buying groceries and by chance some faulty products added to your cart and when you came back home and check the products that they are rotten so, Do you even remember the shop from where you have purchased the grocery? No, you don’t know the same but if you buy e-grocery then you will get a very potential customer support system where you need to worry if any faulty product got delivered at your home. You can save your money and energy.

These are some required agendas of the 21st century for buying e-grocery and you can not claim the advantages of buying e-grocery because yes, it is for your comfort and ease. If you are not in that 59% of online grocery purchasers so, now you have to because you are now going to save your time, money, and energy as well.

There are a lot of websites for buying grocery online but customer used to purchase from those outlets who satisfies the need of the customer. So, here are some points that you can consider-

1. Choosing Brand

When you are searching for your essentials so, you all use to type the common name of the product and opt for the product that comes first at your screen and when it get delivers at your doorstep you start blaming that company has delivered the wrong product but in reality, you have chosen that product brand. So, always make sure to know about the brand you are using and order the same.

2. Choosing Quantity

Sometimes when we place an order so, we forgot to check the quantity the item we have added to our cart and it gets messy when it got delivered at your home. Always double-check the quantity you have added and the quantity you required for ease and comfort.

3. Filling Your Details

We sometimes forget to check our delivery address whether it is complete and correct or not. If it is correctly filled fully so your e-groceries come at your doorstep with ease but if you have forgotten the same then it is going to be so complicated which leads to late delivery and ultimately you get frustrated. So, make sure you check it.

4. Payment Gateway

Sometimes other than the e-grocery outlet, banks and payment gateways are offering some deals on the purchase of products so, make sure to check all the offers before making payment and start saving money as well.

So, these are some common errors that customers did while placing an order for e-grocery. From now onwards, make sure you check all these parameters for a HAPPY SHOPPING.