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Quick tips on how to clean your groceries during the COVID-19 outbreak

Quick tips on how to clean your groceries during the COVID-19 outbreak

Non-living things carry virus along, which remains for a long time to a couple of days, plus multiplying the impact inside a living host, directly means you're bringing a virus at your home while making purchases, but essential food ingredients are necessary to buy, right? So...what should be done to prevent yourself from the effect? Stay home, stay safe, while maintaining personal hygiene!

Thought of purchasing household groceries via online platforms knocks at your mind but at the same time you probably have another prospect, online groceries also carry viruses, doesn't it? The coronavirus has stopped our feet, only in an emergency, we're stepping out! Online groceries in Noida have an update in the procedures to make sure that you're placing your order from a qualitative store.

The virtual store follows the recommendation of WHO, such as frequently sanitizing the warehouse crates, checking the temperature of delivery boys regularly, providing medical help to partners, and serving zero-touched packed ingredients to the customers.

In order to fight against battle, protect yourself and your loved ones, remember online stores take all necessary actions to their end.

What are the effective top tips to do?

Avoid buying more than you need, as it can cause wastage of money if food gets contaminated, if you're worried about visiting the physical store and buying goods, you're welcome to enjoy the updated services of online grocery stores…

Observe the safety and precautions tips!

  1. After your order is received, tear off the cardboard, and draw the products out with clean hands, further bring the products inside the home, let the waste material left outside, wash your hands thoroughly with chemical liquid or sanitize them
  2. Make sure to wash packed goods before placing them in your refrigerator
  3. If you can, avoid using the bags again, or if it's of cloth do wash it at the same time with soap and water
  4. The virus can be there in fruits or vegetables, therefore, they need to be disinfected carefully, hence soak them for 5-10 minutes in water, else you can simply scrub them up under running water for a while
  5. If your ingredients are in the container, then wash it with soap and water, don't leave a single corner from the wash
  6. Try to pay the digital amount, and avoid cash flow as it changes numerous hands, so use online transactions as much as possible
  7. Adding on, clean the surface where you place out the products and sanitized the surroundings where the bag was kept
  8. After, going through these steps wash or sanitize your hands carefully till elbow
  9. Remember, don't allow anyone to touch you or come in contact with you until you sanitize yourself
  10. Don't remove your mask plus try to hold the packets while wearing gloves

Yes... cleaning the groceries is essential similarly, as cleaning yourself to reduce the risk of being affected, hence during the unprecedented time try to follow hygienic conditions as it will assist you in maximizing your family's safety…

How to stop coronavirus from coming into your home or office?

Food, beverages, clothes, or any essential item which is the necessity of human beings cannot be avoided for a long time but it's true going outside is risky nowadays, hence shopping from an online store is the smart alternative left. As you are aware, in the market many people touch the same thing and physical shopkeepers don't sanitize their Commodities regularly, so buying groceries online is the best option for your family's sake.

An online market allows you to sit with your family, perfectly wonder what'll you require to buy, select the branded solution, compare the prices, and subsequently place your order without worrying about anything.

Apparently, your physical store may have a shortage of products but there is no scarcity of commodities nationwide

Clean, Cook, and Consume!!!

All three C's should be kept in mind, be comfortable and confident while ordering from an online grocery store. Food is nourishment for you all- so be ready to buy your household goods from an online platform.

We have cleared your doubt of how to shop safely, if you have any doubt left feel free to reach us out.

To protect yourself and your near ones you require to adopt the trended methodologies, so...feed your day with hygienic conditions!!!