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The social interaction could be done by visiting the website but this privacy policy consists of personal information that would be shared when you interact with Buygrab by becoming a prime member or getting your shopping done of the available products by visiting online at our website.

As a visitor, you are advised to please read the privacy policy carefully. By accessing you agree that you have gone through the privacy policy in order to do transparent transactions.

Buygrab provides you high security to keep your personal information confidential.

Buygrab respects your privacy and has the right to change the privacy policy anytime while notifying you.

What information is, or is not, collected from you?

As a part of the registration procedure, Buygrab asks you to fill a form that includes: Your first and last name, alternate email address, contact number, postal code, billing address, shipping address, app installations, etc...

Why we collect the information?

With the number of customers, without the personal info. it is impossible to deliver the right information and product at the right time thus to make the shopping and transactions clear, effective, and transparent we ask you to provide us your necessary details. Buygrab works for the customers, and the main objective is customer satisfaction.

What is the process of gathering the information?

To effectively manage and organize your purchasing order, Buygrab follows the path:

  • You visit the website and click to fill the registration form
  • In order to become a member, we ask you to fill your personal information
  • In the process of making a purchase, we again ask to fill your details(for security)
  • To sign for the newsletter, we ask your email address
  • While contact with the support team, for assuring that it’s you we further ask some confidential details

For serving you with the best, we store your information in the cookies so that you should not go again with the whole process. But Buygrab doesn’t save your transaction details.

With whom your information will be shared?

Buygrab do not sell or share your information with third parties, but to verify your details and completing the transactions we shared it with:

  • Payment gateways
  • Logistic partners(to deliver your goods timely and at right address)

In order of government requests and required by law or to protect the property and safety of Buygrab customers we are bound to share your personal details.

How you can update your personal information?

It’s a simple procedure that could be completed by visiting the website, the site allows you to correct and update it online. In the event, you found your information is not changing you can visit the customer support service.

Is your information secured with Buygrab?

Your confidentiality is our responsibility, and to secure it we have taken both physical and technical measures, plus we use SSL encryption to secure your details to serve you with the best.

Our contact information!

In order, you are concerned about the Buygrab privacy policy you can contact us at...