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Profile overview

A platform for domestic customers to interact with the owners directly without misleading any channel, this document is published to clear the company’s terms and conditions regarding the sales. Buy Grab provides the correct and fair information to its customers, and this is computerized content thus doesn’t require any digital signature or stamp.

The company is fully responsible for any replacing, changing, or returning of commodities, there is no third party involvement. The online website assists you to manage all your activities whether it’s of placing an order or canceling and returning of an order.

The www.buygrab.in is effectively operated by a team of Buygrab. By using the website you are agreed to the terms and conditions of the company, please go through them carefully.

If you have any doubt or you are not clear about statements, feel free to contact us at

Accessibility of website and app

The company grants its customers to use the website for their requirement but not allow any other company, retailers, wholesalers, and audience to use the prices, page layout, trade dress, page design, logo, contents, product information, brand description, for any purposes.

It is strongly recommended to follow the instructions and do not use any meta tags, key terms, and usage of keywords.

The self-content provokes the internal feeling of the company that they want to serve with their audiences.

The service of the company is effective at its time duration, creative work methodology is adopted to enhance and stimulate the interest of existing customers.

Exchanging information

Transactions should be real and faithful, thus you accept our conditions of receiving the information with email, messages, and notifications. You admit the notices, compliances, disclosures, and other communications that we provide while communicating.

Your details

Buygrab never ever asks you to save the information and password, you’re free to maintain the confidentiality of your account. You agree to be responsible for your account activities that happen under your password. We hoard the right to cancel, terminate, hold, remove, refuse, edit, your account in terms of our sole discretion.

Your command

Buygrab serves with what you opt, we have full right to block or blacklist the customers from our delivery list under any mischievous occurrence. COD(Cash On Delivery) feature is also accessible to provide you complete satisfaction.


Some core policies, contents, website apps are our sole property, no one could take away without permission under the copyright rule. Buying a product from us doesn’t allow you to show your authority over our website. Maintaining transparent communication is our feature, so we ask our customers for fair transactions.


The brainstorms occur while preparing the logos, buttons, brands, graphics, scripts, services, trademarks, creativity, thus without getting our written consent no one has permission to misuse the website name and work.


Buygrab respects the property of the website, thus if you found we have used any of the copyright-terms you are requested to mail us. Our company controls the 500+ brands, thus our products carry factoids information that has been granted to us from certain brand owners, then also if you look any of our terms similar to yours you are requested to discuss with us once if it’s not appropriate we will surely erase from our website.

Be updated

Changes are absolute with the dynamic environment thus while using the website consistently we ask you to glance at the changes occurred in terms and conditions, with the acceptance and continue using the website you admit that you agree with the following instructions.


It’s natural that every time prices for the same product don’t remain constant, thus before placing an order be assured that you have checked its price tags, no product is sold at the higher price than its MRP(Maximum Retail Price).

Coupons and Promo codes

Buygrab offers you the various coupons and promo codes to enjoy the benefits of discounts with your consistent shopping. Use carefully the codes while going through the conditions stated below the coupons, once you click the terms & conditions you assure the company that you’re interested in the service.

Buygrab cash backs

All companies carry distinctive features and services, our company provides you additional benefits but always be aware of the conditions stated below:

  • No cashbacks are available while an order is being canceled
  • COD does not prefer you any add on benefits
  • Cashbacks are not offered over any other offers
  • Cashbacks are accessible only on the website app

Ease in doing a transaction with UPI

The smartest and advanced technology provides you an opportunity to perform instant real-time payment options for transferring funds with the UPI(Unified Payments Interface).

  • Appears separately on the smartest tabs
  • Click UPI option add your bank account details, scan the code
  • Use one app for completing the transactions securely

The valuable and advanced digitalization technology is in use to avoid any fake services.