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How to Handle Viruses

Without antivirus software, it is impossible to detect computer viruses because they are almost always invisible. For this reason, it’s important to install antivirus software on all your devices. These are some important points that you need to follow to get rid of viruses:

  • Use antivirus software or a complete internet security solution, if you are a heavy internet user and you browse different websites daily, then the paid antivirus is important or you can have a free antivirus also.
  • Research apps and software before using them by reading reviews.
  • Go through the developer description before you download apps and software.
  • Download apps and software from trusted sites.
  • Keep your software and apps updated.
  • Never try to use an unknown disk or drive in your PC or Android devices.
  • Do not open any attachments in spam e-mails.

To manage viruses with ease, stick to these essential guidelines.

Free vs Paid Antivirus Software

It’s important to use antivirus software, especially if you have a Windows, Mac, or Android device. But before you choose one, you’ll need to understand the differences between premium and free antivirus software. Overall, antivirus, whether they are free or commercial, gives the same level of protection against malware infections. The main differences are having the extra features and how well the infection cleanup process works. These are some differences between free antivirus and paid antivirus: –

Free Antivirus:

If you are a regular user who only uses your computer to view movies and play games and doesn’t routinely visit the internet, you may use a free antivirus because it offers practically all of the same features as a paid antivirus. A free antivirus should have features like malware protection, web and email protection, email support, Ad support, and a simple user interface.

Paid Antivirus:

When you purchase a paid antivirus, you get no significant malware protection. Paid antivirus is different from free antivirus because you are simply paying for more protection features, which is why companies charge for paid antivirus. Some of the important features of paid antivirus are Parents control, identity theft protection, technical support, fast signature updates, and better cleanup algorithms.

If you’re still unsure, think about how you typically use a computer. You might want to choose paid antivirus software if you engage in more dangerous activities. Free antivirus software works well if you are very attentive to the websites you visit and can easily spot malicious phishing emails.